a morning


I hope you have a morning. Without ideas on what kind of morning, exactly as it comes.

I used to love watching other peoples morning-routine videos. The idea of an organized, healthy, productive morning got me all excited. So excited that I decided to film my own.

Turns out I don’t really have a routine, nor do I have many healthy morning habits.

I do however have some quiet moments to share
which I think
turn any morning into a magical one


One of those days


where you know you’re just not feeling it but don’t want to not be feeling it. You wish you wanted to go out to enjoy the sunshine, you wish you wanted to go on a bike ride, you wish you wanted to go edit your photo’s or come up with a new video but in all honesty; you’re just not feeling it. And it’s your day off so you’ve got all the freedom to do whatever it is you want!

For me, the reason I have a hard time admitting to myself I’m not feeling it is because in my mind I’ve created all these ideas and stories about how things should be. What my days should look like or what things I should be wanting to do. Especially being a very creative person, you can start feeling like you should always be making. But you don’t. And I don’t either.

It’s an ebb and flow. Coming and going. For me it’s not about getting to a point where things work, where creative energy flows, where discomfort doesn’t show up. It’s about riding the waves without feeling consumed or trying to control. To be really honest with yourself about the type of wave you´re on and to act accordingly.


my wish for today


When I am aligned, when I am in a place of inner harmony, creating art is just a thing that happens sometimes. Drawing, filming, writing, they are not means to an end. Nor is an edited video the goal. 

It’s just what happens to be the outcome when I get out of my own way, be fully present and surrender to the process of doing what feels right. 

And once I’ve followed that process and it’s turned into a video for example, it doesn’t end there. It keeps on giving. I enjoyed the process, I enjoy the video, others enjoy the video and it might even enable the person watching to sit and take things in for a minute. I wish for you to simply enjoy it. Without any feelings of having to go out and be creative or go out and try that thing you always wanted to try. 

I’m not saying don’t try things, I just hope you can have the experience of taking something in without it leaving you feeling like you have to take action. 

That’s my wish for today 




Orchids have always been my favorite flower.

One day I discovered they are the national flower of my country, Colombia.



Really simple

A little time and a lot of open space

To add a bit of ease to your day





One thing that always inspires me is beautiful flowers. 

I love plants, I do, I have a couple.
But I’m the kind of person that gets bored easily. Which is why I love to get flowers every couple of weeks. I need to change things up and especially the place I live in. 

A friend always laughs when she enters my room, it is changed every time she visits. 

For me flowers bring change, color and life to a room. They usually help inspire to clean up the rest as well (two birds, one stone type of thing). And I like to create different corners with them. 

Paying attention to the space I live in is very important to me. 

I used to feel that cleaning, organizing and redecorating was an excuse. Once there’s an important deadline, all of a sudden you enjoy doing dishes. How did that happen?

I’ve now decided it’s not an excuse or distracting, it’s setting the tone for focus. Clearing space for new things to enter.

Do you enjoy organizing your space? 


<3 <3 <3 art date

Meeting with other artists is always fun.

Make sure you have matching phones, enjoy the calming colors, throw in some acting, practice new dance moves. 

Inspiring for sure.